Top Social Media Sites For Your Benefits

Social media web pages have been capturing the whole world with its charming features that are attractive and entertaining. With advancements made in technology you are given the opportunity to browse or chat through your Smartphone placed in your palm. There are top social media sites prevailing in the virtual world that allow you to mark your marvelous presence on the internet.

In recent times there has been an amazing revolution encircling the internet Medias and almost every person is now being addicted to these mesmerizing platforms. The top social media sites are not only considered as the perfect place to meet, chat with your friends but now it has been promoted to a strong marketing strategy as well. Since these websites offer a chance to share their views with friends and community, it is a piece of cake to spread your online campaign across the internet to the targeted customers.

The virtual world is flooded with hundreds and thousands of social media websites and it is a difficult task to pick the perfect networking sites that are worth your precious resources and valuable time. It is essential that you perform some research before going ahead focus to your social meter tools.

Fantastic 10 top social media sites

Here we have shortlisted few effective social networking websites that would be a perfect choice for interacting through your Smartphone or PC, satisfying your needs and desires.


Yes, Facebook can be considered as the leading social networking website with millions of active members across the globe. This is one of top social media sites for teenagers and adults respectively. According to a recent study it was revealed that an average user spends almost one hour every day browsing through these enchanting web pages. Millions of entrepreneurs and developers, buyers and sellers are members of this website. Therefore it is the most effective tool for merging them together as a successful marketing strategy. By simply creating a fan page for your business and linking it to your official websites, can add more fans to this page and automatically increase traffic to your campaign. You need to update the viewers with information and latest news for optimum results. Thus Facebook is a huge network and ultimate amongst top social media sites for marketing.


Twitter is an incredibly top social media sites across the virtual world that allows you to update your status, share links, pictures and contents with friends and followers. You are given the freedom to add as many friends you want to and follow them; similarly your profile will be having followers. Small notes or links that you write or post on your profile as status is called as ‘tweets’. Thus Twitter is also considered as one of the top social media sites for business promotions and increase in the targeted leads as well in an awesome way.


This is top social media sites where internet users across the globe upload their videos and also log in to watch their favorite video contents. And you should know the fact that YouTube has been recognized as the second largest and biggest search engine that can be synched with your Google account. Therefore you could consider this to be one of the top social media sites for SEO business concerns to produce videos, vlog, make movies about your products or services and also share your music or videos etc. for immeasurable results.


If you are really serious about your career then the most powerful platform that is one of the top social media sites for business is of course LinkedIn. You can easily promote your services, products or businesses by providing valuable information about your working experience, educational qualification in the profile you create. You can interact with professionals and get connected instantly, connect with groups to find more opportunities and also post job requirements via this 100% professional network.


Instagram as social meter has gained more attention with the Smartphone users who find it a simple task to take and upload their pictures in order to share their memorable moments with friends immediately. This could be considered as one of the favorite and top social media sites for teenagers.


Pinterest is a visual treat for internet users, since it is loaded with images by the members. This is also one of the top social media sites for marketing products by displaying attractive picture images on the pin board style platform for the targeted audience traffic to increase.


Tumblr is a wonderful website that has gained popularity in recent times amongst young and teenage users. The visual contents in this site is numerous and gorgeous. You will be able to grab the attention of likeminded people online and interact with them, follow and widen your friend list.


Vine is a fantastic video sharing web portal that allows its users to upload and post them on their profile in Twitter. The time limit for a video is only maximum six seconds but the fun is unlimited.

Google +

Google+ has gained its recognition as one of the top social media sites with millions of users sharing pictures, posting comments, videos and more. Users can create their own circles of friends and share within them from their mobile devices or computer respectively.


Yelp is one of the perfect social networking destinations for real life people to interact and share their experiences at the places they eat, stay, party or sleep etc, while traveling. Therefore it is top social media sites for SEO to post exclusive features their services to the targeted users and increase your business opportunities. You can also write reviews about certain place along with real life pictures.

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