Knowing Facebook Etiquette for Marketing

Facebook is one of the social meter that is very good and very efficient. Many people rely on social media to boost their business, facebook is believed by many to be the most effective promotional media and quite reliable.

Why facebook is very popular, because Facebook itself has very many active users. In the 2nd quarter 2014, its approximately 1.07 billion facebook active users. With the number of facebook users who are very much the every product owner will surely think to try to offer their products on facebook user, because the user has a vast array of diverse needs.

In using facebook as a marketing tool, be it through direct marketing or indirect marketing, we must have a facebook marketing etiquette.

Good etiquette is crucial to maintaining business continuity on facebook mareketing. The following are some etiquette that you should know and understand in using facebook as your promotional media, this is it the facebook marketing etiquette you should understand :

1. Do not Spaming.

Many facebook users are very annoyed if there are people who do spam on them, usually the status update contains products sold directly or things that other useless.

2. Do not ask people to like your updates.

If you post something useful on your facebook, without being told to like your update, your followers or friends will do it for you. Yet very often encountered on facebook we are told to like what they update. Please don’t do this.

3. Keep away from the politics and religion discussion.

Social media facebook is very open, so everyone is free to update if it’s about political or religious issues, we recommend that you avoid such topics

4. Do not post too much.

5. Give the most useful content for facebook users.

6. Do not copy others’ status without permission

7. Respond to comments on your updates.

8. Post the content in accordance with your friends on facebook.

If you do the facebook marketing etiquette, will be very possible your status and will be like by many people so it will be a lot of visitors will be looking for you.

Keep in mind that you are a facebook user, and about what you don’t like about the updates performed by other people. So you have to understand what you have to do that other people to like you withyour updates, do it with your way and make the people who read your update happy and always looking for you. Do this as your power full social media marketing strategy as a tool of your social meter.

But consider your up date status to others that makes they love it and are curious and want to dig it up again, do this to your marketing strategy, but sometimes you have to combine them for maximum results.

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